Monday, January 31, 2011

2010/2011 First Day of School

The girls were excited to start their first day of school this year, especially Kate who was starting a full day of school (I wish they were still excited about going. :) )  I wanted to make them their favorite breakfast, which is waffles with strawberries and whip cream.

Here they are in their cute uniforms and backpacks.  How cute are they???

Kate's Horse Lessons

Kate LOVES horses, so out of all the activities she had to choose from, she wanted horse lessons.  Although I thought it would be a phase, she still LOVES going after almost a year.  The horse is her teacher's horse.  Her name is Breezy and she's an old, gentle horse.  The pictures are horrible, I know, but we were inside a dusty, dimly-lit barn, so it's the best I could do.

 We had a fun hail storm one September night.  Madsen't were over for dinner, and as they were leaving, it started to hail.  We all sat watching on the front porch until it ended.  The girls were amazed the hail could be so big.  They spent 5 minutes trying to beat each other by finding the biggest hail in the grass.  (Don't look at my UGLY bare-feet in the first picture)

July Activities

I'm trying to catch up on my posts so I'm going all the way back to July.

Lauren had some flavored tootsie rolls she was eating one day.  She was sitting quietly at the table for awhile and I finally asked her what she was doing.  She brought over a tootsie roll flower she had rolled out and made.  I asked her where she learned to do it and she said she made it up by herself.  She's always liked playing with her food.  :)  So creative.

 This was our trip to Fairview for the 24th of July.  We camped at the campsites there at Skyline Resort and attended all the 24th activites like the parade, city breakfast, etc.  We also went to the drive-in in Mt. Pleasant.  We hauled the four-wheeler trailer behind the truck and everyone laid out their sleeping bags to enjoy the movie.  Half the kids were asleep when it was over, but they loved it!!!

 We did a lot of swimming too.  The diving board was a hit this year.  Even though the girls weren't daring enough to do any tricks, Todd was up for the challenge.  He had to show his nephews that he could still do a flip off the diving board.  I got half of him in the pic, but he did it.

Kate's graduation and Lauren's award ceremony

So I thought I'd post these for mom and dad to see since they weren't able to make it. At the end of the year the student's get different awards based on their achievements.
Lauren recieved a Certificate of Award for Achievement in Math and a Physical Fitness Award. Only ten students in 3rd grade received the Math award.  Lauren is definately the Math wiz in our family.  The Physical Fitness Award is awarded to those who pass certain physical skills.  Lauren not only recieved the award, but also a patch saying that she was in the top 75% in her age.  Smart and athletic!!
Kate recieved an Award of Excellence and a physical fitness award.  The Award of Excellence was basically her Kindergarten graduation certificate.  Yeah!! And her physical fitness award was extra special because she received a blue patch for being in the top 90% who sucessfully completed all of the skills.  Only 5-6 students recieved this award, and most of them were 5th and 6th graders.  WOW Kate!!  We need to get you involved in sports!!!! 

Way to go girls.  I'm SUPER proud of you!!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Valentine's Decor

So I'm finally back on again.  I've had this decorating bug for the past couple of months and recently just put together my Valentine's stuff.  I'm not completely done yet.  I still need to make a banner for my entry coat hooks, and maybe something else to go in the jar. (the two black balls just aren't doing it for me)  So Marci, here's the pictures you've asked for. 

 Even though I spent WAY too much money for the picture, it's worth it because it fills up the space so well.  The other items I had around the house.  Anyway, not that big of a deal, but thought I'd let you all see my house since you don't come over very much. :)

Hopefully in the next few weeks I'll try to update the blog on things I've missed posting.  TTFN!