Friday, July 16, 2010

Fire, Fire!!!

Today we came home from shopping to see a huge smoke cloude.  I immediately thought it was the Camp Williams area, but in driving closer I realized it was closer to our house than I thought.  These pictures are taken from our backyard.  These are the mountains just north of us on the other side of the highway.  Me and the girls drove up to North Ranch and the fire had burned up to the back of several homes property's.  Luckily that area is all safe now, but they're still working on it from burning some houses to the east.  Just as long as it doesn't cross the highway... 

Another craft

I'm really behind on all my posts so sorry all of them are at the same time.  This week we did a craft with tissue paper.  I just cut up different colored tissue paper into little squares

and then had the girls glue them onto foil-lined cardboard into a picture. 

When they were done with their picture we modge-podged over it to give it a nice finish.  This is Lauren's craft.  So cute!!
Kate's is just as cute.  (She went a little wild with the glitter glue)


We can't get enough of Powell.  Jaron and Kim were nice enough to join us this time without kids for a couples only weekend.  We stayed at a hotel at Wahweap Marina for the 4th of July weekend.  Needless to say we had ALOT of fun.  Friday night we got there too late to get on the water but Saturday morning we were ready to go.
Here's Todd gassing up before we head off.
Jaron with his camera taking those EXCELLENT shots.
Todd the Captain.
Beautiful scenery.
  We rode to rainbow bridge (took 2 hours on the boat on the water to get there...uggg) but it was worth it.
The group
Me and Todd.  This gives you a good perspective as to how big this really is.  Pretty cool.
We ended the weekend watching fireworks over the Hoover Dam.  It really was a great trip.

Repreve from the heat

While the husband are away, the family will play. 
My friend Leslie and I had absent husbands one weekend (both had to work) so we decided to head up to the canyon for a picnic dinner. 
We went up American Fork canyon and we couln't have asked for more perfect weather!!!
Kate and the girls loved to walk in the stream.
This is the whole bunch of us.

Eating in the beautiful mountains.
I LOVE the mountains and we are so BLESSED to live around such beauty.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Weekly craft

At the beginning of the summer I promised the girls we would do a craft once a week.  We started the week after school and did a fun project that includes crayons, black paint and paper.  I wish I had pictures, but forgot.  (Mom and Dad we actually sent you some of our creations in the mail awhile back.)  So after a few weeks of being gone on trips we were able to get back to a craft this past week and this is what we made. 

Hot Rocks

We just put the rocks in the oven at 375 for 10 minutes till they were nice and hot.  Then we took them outside and colored them with crayons while they were still hot.  It made the crayon melt immediately and colored the rock. The girls loved it!