Monday, June 27, 2011

These are for you Dad!

Dad:  Just thought I'd pass on a few pictures of SugarBay and the girls so you can see he's definately loved and used around here. :)

Thanks for letting us borrow him Dad!!

Demolition Derby

Todd had the opportunity to be part of a pit crew for a demolition derby car this summer.  Our good friend and neighbor, Brad, bought this car to raise money for his daughter's dance team.  Brad drove the car, and Todd and Drew (Brad's brother) fixed it when needed.  Brad got hammered several times and needless to say, Todd did a great job keeping him going.
Start of the race

 First heat
 End of the first heat, all banged up.
 Todd doin' his job in between heats.
 The girls made poster to cheer Brad on.

Before they started the second heat Todd had to run out and put some transmission fluid in to keep him going.

 Getting banged up again.
The car at the end of the race.  Brad did a great job under the circumstances.  Thanks Brad and Leslie for the fun time!
While at Sand Hollow we took the opportunity to see the nearby dinasour tracks.  We packed the four-wheelers and took a day trip to get there.  It was about an hour and a half away, but well worth the time.  There were several big prints and small prints left from the dinasours. 

The dinasour tour clan.

Sand Hollow

We went to Sand Hollow in March, and man was it beautiful!  While it was still snowing and freezing at home, it was in the 70's and warm at Sand Hollow.  We had a blast roaming the valley with our four-wheelers and taking in the breath-taking beauty.

Sand Hollow had great four-wheeling trails as well as a lake.  So the girls had to try to swim (even though it was pretty cold). We had a lot of fun and hope to go again soon!!

Lauren's family party

When we got home and settled we had everyone over for Lar's "real" birthday party.  Ryan and his family we able to come as well as Grandma and Grandpa, and Marci and family.  My good friend Leslie made this cake for Lar - isn't it cute!!

We were able to enjoy mom's culinary skills as well.  Yum!

Thanks to everyone for the great gifts.  Lauren has been reading non-stop since her birthday, thanks to the great collection she got from everyone.

Lauren's Birthday

We were at Sand Hallow camping for Lauren's birthday.  Although we knew we were going to have a birthday party when we got home, we still wanted to make her day special.  So while she went on a four-wheel ride we surprised her by decorating the trailer.  

Leslie made her a yummy cake in the dutch oven - candles and all!!!

 We love this special girl.  She is friendly, outgoing, happy to help and always wants to please those around her.  We are blessed to have her in our family!